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Pocket squares. Neckties. Shoes. Belts. Most people simply match these accessories to their suit, and they’re done. Not Dominic. He treats every component of your outfit with tremendous respect. And just as your suit or jacket becomes an original — meant only for you — Dominic extends the same exclusivity to every single accessory.

Want to scroll through dozens of ties or squares? You won’t find that here. Instead of featuring 60 ties, Dominic highlights just a few. Why? Because every accessory tells a story. For example, our pocket squares start from a long lineage of silk weavers. Italian families who have been crafting silk clothing since the 1800s.

And the design of your pocket square was probably inspired during a journey to Florence or Milan. Perhaps it was stimulated by a figurine atop a castle that caught Dominic’s eye. Or from a unique tile floor in a coffee shop in the middle of Calabria, Italy.

The result: Your D. Lacquaniti accessory isn’t simply a PART of your ensemble, it COMPLETES your ensemble.

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