Gulfshore Life Magazine Stylin’ Up shot at Rocco’s

Check out the current June issue of Gulfshore Life Magazine (page 86 – 91) Stylin’ Up shot on location at Rocco’s. A Big THANK YOU to all the team at Gulfshore Life including; fashion director Pamela Jean, photographer Matthew Holler, model Lee Dahlberg and hair and makeup, Dani Taverna. Also, Hazel Vazquez and all our… read more »

Gulfshore Life Magazine Article: Laurels for Florals

Our exclusive floral ties featured in Laurels for Florals article on page 70 in the March issue of Gulfshore Life Magazine – big THANK YOU to style editor Cheryl Lampard.

Gulfshore Business Article: Tailor Made

Nicole Kidman’s blessing thrilled custom tailor Dominic Lacquaniti. Lacquaniti moved to Naples two years ago from New York, where he worked in textile design. Lacquaniti, now 42, joined his dad, Rocco, at Rocco’s Tailor Shop, and they expanded into exclusive pieces for clients, including celebrities. Read full article »

Gulfshore Life Article – Style: Getting Personal

We all have our favorites. in a different context, this kind of statement could cause a family rift or, at the very least, a heated discussion over the dinner table. Happily, we’re referring to favorite wardrobe pieces, where the decision is definitive and purely personal. We thought it would be fun to ask some stylish locals… read more »

Business Observer Article: Jackets Required

When Keith Urban came to watch his wife, Nicole Kidman, in her new theater production in London in September, the country music star looked sharp in a suit made by a tailor in Naples. Read full article »

Gulfshore Life Article – Here & Now: Sew Italian

Just the other day, a former captain of industry—I’m not saying who—was spotted in Naples wearing a jacket pinned together with a bunch of worn, mismatched fabric scraps. If you’re tempted to feel sorry for the guy, don’t. Because the man who pinned the scraps onto his frame is Dominic Laquaniti, executing the first of… read more »

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