CollectionCrafting a Style Just for You

With Dominic’s collections, “one of a kind” is exactly that. He doesn’t follow trends. He doesn’t design for “what’s in” today. Instead, he believes in making something extraordinary for his clients. He always strives to create a style that is perfect for them. And ONLY them.

Today, hand-crafting bespoke suits is truly a lost art. At D. Lacquaniti, it’s the only way we know. It starts by cutting a pattern that’s specific to your taste. Basting the fabric by hand. Then draping it onto the client, so piece-by-piece it’s built onto the customer — onto their precise frame.

It’s painstakingly slow. It requires the skill of 70 and 80-year-old master tailors. It involves traveling the world to source the perfect fabrics, patterns, and styles. But the end result — that moment you see your physique draped in that perfect, custom suit — you know without a doubt that it’s all worth it.

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