ExperienceTurning an Artform Into a Work of Art

Forty to fifty hours of production and a lifetime of experience and knowledge go into crafting your custom-fit and made-to-order suit. Your luxurious bespoke suit starts with a blank slate. No template. No preconceived ideas. No stocked garments or patterns. Only after we discover who you are and what you wish to accomplish does your suit begin to take shape.

Crafting an exceptional custom sports coat or suit requires exceptional practice, passion and product.

Practice — Dominic was born and raised in this industry and learned in the fashion meccas of the world: New York and Italy. Plus, each one of our Italian tailors averages a HALF CENTURY of experience!

Passion — Hand-selecting the fabrics, patterns, and textures that will make you look like a billion dollars is what we live for!

Product — We ignore what’s easy, what’s trending and what’s available. Dominic flies to the heart of fashion — Napoli, Florence, New York, and Naples, Italy — to see and feel today’s highest quality fabrics and patterns.

The end result: A 100% custom-crafted suit that becomes the prize of your collection.

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