Jackets Required TV Presents: Episode 32 The Classic Gentlemen’s Drink – Martini Time

Welcome to Jacket’s Required, hello, I’m Dominic Lacquaniti, designer and tailor.

In this week’s episode of Jackets required TV I’m pleased to have Massimiliano Tonni of Caffe Milano as my guest.

Thanks for being with us today.

Massimiliano replies:

Dom: Great to have you here. So today we’re going to learn how to create the classic gentlemen’s cocktail with my friend here. The classic martini is simple, elegant and timeless, just like a good suit. Massimiliano – take it away!

You will need
Cin Zano Dry Vermouth
Hendrick’s Gin
and olives for garnish
You take One and a Half an oz of CinZano Dry vermouth
3.5 oz of Hendricks gin
Stir over ice
And pour.
Top it off with 2 olives – the perfect classic martini

Dom: Ahh, delicious – saluti!

Thanks for stopping by Massimiliano and for the martini. If you want to try one of Massimiliano’s fabulous cocktails be sure to stop by and see him at Café Milano here in downtown Naples.

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Thanks for watching. See you next week. Remember, looking good is between you and your tailor…

About Dominic Laquaniti

People have always asked Dominic why he was so passionate about tailoring, styles and fabrics. For Dominic the art of tailoring runs through his blood. Growing up he was surrounded by pins and sheers and cloth, it’s all he has ever known. It’s always been a part of his family, his life. His attention to detail. His precision. The craftsmanship is something that came naturally for Dominic.


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