Jackets Required TV Presents: Episode 53 – What’s the Best Skirt Length?

Welcome to Jacket’s Required, hello, I’m Dominic Lacquaniti, designer and tailor.

In this week’s episode of Jackets Required we’re going to talk about ladies skirts. What is the appropriate length and how tight or loose should it be?

One thing that will make any skirt look nicer, and definitely more expensive, is a great fit. That’s true about all clothes, regardless of gender.

The best and most universally flattering skirt length is knee length. This falls at a very nice place on the leg and helps to elongate the body appearance. Depending upon your height, you may want to consider above the knee if you are on the shorter side, or below it if you are taller.

If you are short you do not want to wear long, loose fitting skirts. It will shorten you and add a width to your overall appearance that you won’t be pleased with.

If you are tall, you certainly do not want a short skirt because on you – it will appear even shorter and inappropriate.

Tightness of the skirt is dependent upon your comfort level with your body and what you feel is flattering, however please do not don a skin tight skirt, regardless of the cut, as it is NOT flattering. Keep it classy, always.

The fabric of your skirt, the length as related to your height and body type, the cut / looseness, shape of the skirt and the fit are all key factors to look AND feel your best.

Sexy does not mean short. Sexy does not mean tight. Sexy means well tailored, well fitted, and most of all flattering on YOU.

Wonder what your personal, best skirt type is? Stop in to see us at Rocco’s and we will help you figure that out and even custom create some killer skirts just for you.

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About Dominic Laquaniti

People have always asked Dominic why he was so passionate about tailoring, styles and fabrics. For Dominic the art of tailoring runs through his blood. Growing up he was surrounded by pins and sheers and cloth, it’s all he has ever known. It’s always been a part of his family, his life. His attention to detail. His precision. The craftsmanship is something that came naturally for Dominic.


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