Jackets Required TV Presents: Episode 56 Ascots on Trend

Welcome to Jacket’s Required, hello, I’m Dominic Lacquaniti, designer and tailor.

This week’s episode of Jackets required
Is all about Ascots baby!

An ascot, or cravat, is also a considered a tie. The name comes from the Royal Ascot race held at the Ascot Racecourse.

In British English the casual day term for ascot would be a ‘day cravat’ so as to clearly distinguish it from the more formal dress ascot.

It is wide, formal and typically made of a thicker silk material such as modern ties. However, the more casual day ascot is made of a lighter silk that is much softer against the skin and less formal. It is almost always brightly colored with a pattern.

Ascots are worn folded over and fastened with a stickpin or a tie tack.

Ascots are making a comeback and are definitely on trend for a cool, hip look.

Curious if an ascot is right for you?
Come in to Rocco’s and let us educate you a bit, try a couple on with your favorite jacket, then choose your fabric for creating the perfect custom look.

In an ascot, you own it. Who doesn’t want to be that boss?

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About Dominic Laquaniti

People have always asked Dominic why he was so passionate about tailoring, styles and fabrics. For Dominic the art of tailoring runs through his blood. Growing up he was surrounded by pins and sheers and cloth, it’s all he has ever known. It’s always been a part of his family, his life. His attention to detail. His precision. The craftsmanship is something that came naturally for Dominic.


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