Jackets Required TV Presents: Episode 60 – Guest Alex Khowaylo

Welcome to Jacket’s Required, hello, I’m Dominic Lacquaniti, designer & tailor. This week I’m pleased to have my client, Alex, here with me to share why he made the move to custom clothing.

DOM: So Alex – why DID you decide to start having clothing made for you?

ALEX: Replies about difficulty buying off the rack due to height

DOM: What is the biggest difference for you with custom clothes?

ALEX: fit, confidence, comfort.

DOM: Thanks Alex and makes a point to the viewer about, ‘if you face the same challenges as Alex, please come and see the team at Rocco’s for your custom fitting today’

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About Dominic Laquaniti

People have always asked Dominic why he was so passionate about tailoring, styles and fabrics. For Dominic the art of tailoring runs through his blood. Growing up he was surrounded by pins and sheers and cloth, it’s all he has ever known. It’s always been a part of his family, his life. His attention to detail. His precision. The craftsmanship is something that came naturally for Dominic.


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