Naples has long been a town big on money but short on fashion and design. No more. D. Lacquaniti offers a discriminating client everything New York, Paris, London, and Milan offers. Mr. Lacquanti himself travels to these locations to hand-select fabrics for his Naples clientele. No other local designer compares to his level of commitment to craft and client. When my wife first saw me in a D. Lacquaniti suit, without missing a beat she said it took 30 pounds off of me. That’s a sign of good design. Naturally, I’ve ordered a few more since then. Nobody will make you look better.

Frank Piazza

I walked into Dominic’s studio thinking that a suit was just a suit. I walked out knowing the truth. From the second I put on my first D. Lacquaniti suit I stood taller. I looked thinner. And I felt better. At first, I thought it was just me or maybe the mirrors at the studio, but the first time I wore it to an event, I must have gotten a dozen compliments. Compare that to the zero compliments I used to get and it’s clear. Dominic is a master at making you look better than your best!

Marc Ensign

My experience at D Laquaniti Bespoke has been nothing short of amazing. Easily the best custom clothing experience I have ever had. Dominic is a gifted clothing designer and tailor. He created a entire collection of Jackets, Shirts, Shoes and Slacks to fit my style that I feel comfortable and confident wearing every day

Alex I. Khowaylo

The only place to go for Bespoke clothes. From shirts to suits to cologne D. Lacquaniti has it all for men who want it all. Dominic makes the experience of Bespoke clothing not only easy but also fun. The quality of the work is the best you will find. I highly recommend stopping by the studio and seeing what he has to offer.

JP Figaro

Thanks to Dominic, I’ve been able to find the perfect fit to match my personality. His craftsmanship, attention to detail and personal touches makes every outing special.

Charles Frank

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