An experience asUnique as you

With a blend of European Craftsmanship and Modern American Style, our Bespoke garments are custom-tailored to appeal to your individuality and enhance your lifestyle, creating a masterpiece of your very own.

Crafting a Style Just for You
Timeless Custom Suits and Apparel
the Look
Accentuating Accessories
Perfect Fit Alterations
Tailored for Your Body and Style

This is aboutMore Than a Suit

The perfect custom garment fits more than just your body. It fits your style. Your personality. Your goals. That’s why your experience at D. Lacquaniti does not start with a tape measure and sheers.

It starts with you.

Dominic LacquanitiDesigner. Tailor. Friend.

The art of fine clothing runs through Dominic’s blood. It’s who he is. It shows in his attention to detail. His precision. His rare ability to design the perfect garment for each individual he works with.

A story like his does not come around often. And finding someone who can create a style that matches who you are inside and out is even more rare.

Arrive as a client. Leave as a friend.

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